About us

The Skin Group, the Executives of 7 branches of The Skin Clinic Network in Bangkok and perimeter region, opened medical services for patients in a specialized clinic in the field of skin and beauty for more than 8 years by adhering to quality, virtue as the principle, and committed to a network clinic that is excellent in both quality and services. The team consists of a group of highly qualified doctors with high experience in treating patients very well. All personnel are trained in both academic and service, as well as the evaluation and research development.

Why would we should The Skin Clinic?

Feel comfortable with unified service.

With warm and equal services to patients of all levels.
With efficiency and quality of personnel through intensive training in both academic and service courses.

Feel comfortable with doctors and medical technologies.

The medical team is all professionals and is committed to taking care of the patients by adhering to principles and morals with professional ethics.

Confident … with quality drugs and medical supplies

Selecting only quality of drugs and medical supplies that are effective in treatment.


นพ.ณัทธร นฤปเวศม์

Education / Schedule

นพ.มโนธรรม อุสาโห

Education / Schedule

นพ.ธนคม ใหลสกุล

Education / Schedule

พญ.สัณห์ทิพย์ เนื่องจำนงค์

Education / Schedule

พญ.ณฤษพร ชัยประกิจ

Education / Schedule

พญ.วรพรรณ ผูกผึ่ง

Education / Schedule

พญ.อุษณีย์ จุลวุฒินันท์

Education / Schedule

Dr. Ronald Michel Dry

Education / Schedule

พญ.แก้วโกสินทร์ คงสุทธิ์

Education / Schedule

นพ.โสภณ เอี่ยมศิรินุกูล

Education / Schedule

พญ.ณัฏฐ์ วิศาลเวทย์

Education / Schedule


1.Jewelry Trade Center, Silom Branch

The Skin, JTC branch, 37th Floor
Mon – Sat : 12.00 น. – 20.00 น.

2.Rama2, Bang Khun Tian branch

4th Floor, Rama2 68 Alley, nearby Bank of Ayudhya
Everyday : 12.00 น. – 20.00 น.

3.The Platinum Place, Ram-Indra branch

1st Floor, adjacent to the English Language Development Center

Tue-Sun : 12.00-20.00

4.Top Market Place, Udomsuk branch

2nd Floor
Mon-Sat: 12.00-20.00

5.Pin Khlao branch

Atthaboon Building
Everyday : 12.00 น. – 20.00 น.

6.SV City, Rama3 branch

Building 1, 1st Floor
Everyday : 12.00 น. – 20.00 น.

7. Chamnan Phenjati Business Center, Rama9 branch

Chamnan Phenjati Building, 24th Floor,