Special Deal !! Long Hair FUE Transplant

Long Hair FUE, the ultimate innovation of hair transplantation without stitches "Don't shave your head-No need to cut short hair" See the density of the hair immediately, starting price at 100,000 baht.

Special!!! For registered users only

  • Free set of both internal and external medicine for 6 months.
  • Free Treatment to stimulate hair roots for free 1 time (valued at 25,000 baht)
  • Following up for 1 year after treatment

Installment via credit card up to 36 months.

  • KTC installment 0% for 6 months
  • Farmers pay 0% installments for 10 months

Long Hair FUE Transplant

Long Hair FUE is a hair root cell transplantation in the FUE technique without sutures without having to cut it short because the piercing tool is very small, punching a hole and pulling the hair and hair root cells out to grow while the hair is long. at all Also known as "Celebrity hair transplant", this technique can create new hair lines as needed. The newly grown hair will have a longer appearance, allowing the hairline to be grown immediately after the procedure, making it invisible to both back-grafted and front-grafted wounds, but will take longer than Haircut FUE Technique. "For this method, it would be the answer to people who have problems with thinning hair, baldness, but do not have much time to recover."

Long Hair FUE Hair Transplant Process

1. “Inject anesthetic without a needle” This is a special technique chosen by The Skin Clinic because some patients are very afraid of the anesthesia. The doctor will use air pressure to inject the anesthetic instead of shooting a needle into the desired area and leaving the medicine to work to prepare for drilling on hair grafts.

2. Puncture the hair graft from the back, coming out the long hair from the back by using a special drill for growing Long Hair. Using the long hair to grow allows doctor to arrange the direction and curvature of the hair more naturally than normal hair transplant methods that use short stumps.

3. When sorting out strong hair grafts, as well as classifying hair types, including different directions of each hair. When finished, the doctor will take the grafted hair to grow to the specified area by taking into account the naturalness of the original hairline of the customer the most.

Who is this method suitable for?

Suitable for people with thin hair. Planting around the hairline, or suitable for people who want to grow hair, but don't want to cut hair off.

Highlights of this technique

Answer the question for people who have less time to recuperate due to the short recovery time, the wound dries quickly. - Can penetrate the hair graft without the need to cut short hair. - After planting, you can feel the density of the hair immediately. - You can place the direction of the hair as needed. - After planting, you can go home immediately.

**Results vary from person to person**

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