Permanent Hair Transplant without Stitches (FUE), the new alternative to baldness with the best hair graft, using a special tool, penetrate the hair graft with automatic drilling machine, calculate the graft and hair accurately, no stitches.


Most men tend to have problems with baldness due to heredity. As for women, they may have thin or bald patches. For people suffering from baldness problems No more worrying when there is a new technique growing hair without stitches

Currently, old hair transplant surgery is not very popular because of scarring. Therefore, a new technique called Scar-free hair transplant This method uses a special tool with a perforated head, piercing the scalp around the occiput one millimeter each. Then the hair roots were planted in the bald areas, which are very small, almost invisible. This method is suitable for those beginning to have baldness, as it is slow and less difficult due to the need to drill one strand at a time. One hour can make about 50 lines.

Advantages of a wound-free hair transplant

  • The wound will heal on its own without stitches
  • It hurts about half a day or a day
  • No scars
  • No need to cut the thread
  • Wounds heal faster
  • Transplant continuously if require to add more hair

Postoperative wound care of hair transplantation

Keep your hair out of the water and not wash your hair for 2 days

Promotion of hair transplantation without stitches

Promotion 2,000-2,500 graphs or equal to 5,000 lines, the promotion price is 99,000 baht (from the normal price of 150,000 baht).

Special Deal!! Accepting applications for review cases, 20% discount, price only 80,000 baht, 2,500 grafts, limited quantity.

Special!!! For registered users only

  • Free set of both internal and external medicine for 6 months.
  • Free Treatment to stimulate hair roots for free 1 time (valued at 25,000 baht)
  • Following up for 1 year after treatment

Installment via credit card up to 36 months.

  • KTC installment 0% for 6 months
  • Farmers pay 0% installments for 10 months

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