Labia Surgery
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  • Say goodbye to the problem of sagging in the intimate area.
  • Reduce irritation while having sex.
  • Reduce inflammation during menstruation, when wearing tight clothing, swimwear, exercise clothes, etc.
  • Help to decorate more beautiful. Increase the confidence of women
  • Helps to treat symptoms of urinary incontinence.

What is labia surgery?

Labia tissue around the vulva of women. Or butterfly wings That many people understand Will be next to the vulva that every woman must have

Why do you need to trim the labia?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical method in the labia area. For women with a large protruding labia. It can be caused by heredity, natural childbirth, frequently use. Often, women are concerned about a loose vagina which makes them feel insecure during sex. The enrichment of the labia increases the sexual satisfaction, increase confidence in women to correct the appearance of the vulva area to be beautiful, small-labia surgery is quite accurate. It requires the expertise of a specialized doctor.

The doctor injects anesthesia around the small-labia.

The doctor performed a surgery on the small, irregularly shaped, protruding to be beautiful.


The duration of the surgery is about 45 minutes. You can go home. Closely comply with doctor's advice.

  1. Abstain from drugs and food that affect blood clotting, such as aspirin and fish oil at least 1 week before surgery.
  2. If there is any underlying disease and drug allergy, must notify the doctor in advance.
  3. Take a shower and wash your body thoroughly before surgery.
  4. Because surgery will cause some blood loss. Therefore, people with heart disease should consult a doctor before surgery.
  5. You should come to do it before or after menstruation 1 week.

** Results vary from person to person **

Postoperative Care

1. Try to lie still for 3-5 days to reduce pain. Reduce friction because of the risk of bleeding.
2. Use a cold compress to stop the bleeding. Do not soak in warm water as it may cause bleeding.
3. Bathe with clean water. Suspend soaping at the surgery area.
4. No slang food, fermented foods, seafood, cigarettes, alcohol.
5. Abstain from having sex for 1 month.

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