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Permanent hair removal laser Problems bothering girls about hair We have a way to get rid of hair.

When hair is a problem, women have to find a way to get rid of it. Currently, there are two types of hair removal: temporary and permanent.

  • 1. Temporary hair removal such as plucking, shaving, waxing, using electric roller or the use of hair removal liquid, etc. This method will cause the underarm skin to form braces cause a blister of chicken skin, the skin is uneven, does not look beautiful.
  • 2. Hair removal by laser is a permanent hair removal method whereby laser light binds to the pigment of the hair in the growing phase of the hair.

This method has the advantage that it doesn't hurt. Using the laser can remove 60-80% of the hair from multiple repetitions. This means that some hair can be removed, but not permanent, but the rest of the hair will become smaller, thinner, faded, and slower growth. Frequency of laser hair removal should be done 2-3 weeks apart, 1 time, continued 3-6 times or more, the hair will gradually decrease.

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