Eliminate excess fat with slimming

Excess fat problem, sagging, uneven skin is a major problem of those who care for their health and self-image because of having a well-fitting figure, having a curvature of women, or strong muscle gays are the most desirable because if we are still perfectly fit from head to toe, then age is just a number that we can never care about. Now, in Thailand, there has the latest innovation from England that can easily answer this question without pain, no need to recuperate, and get fast results since the first time, and most importantly, the price is not as expensive as other tools formerly.

What is the Exilis Elite?

Exilis Elite is a tool for removing excess fat and slimming from England, produced by BTL Medical Technology Ltd. with branches around the world, and is very popular in America, It can break down fat, tighten the skin, reduce sagging in one machine without surgery or piercing to hurt the body (Non-Surgical body contouring and tightening) by using the principle of the combination of Monopolar RF waves with Continuous Ultrasound, which is different from previous models. The first model, called the Exilis, made a reputation as the best-selling slimming machine in America in 2011-2012, with 800 units sold in some of America's top clinics in two years.

The Exilis Elite is the second generation developed. It was found to have more power than its predecessor (from 50 watts to 90 watts), so it is twice as effective in treatment and the number of times it takes to achieve the desired effect up to 50% from the original model (from the original face has to do 4 times to get a clear lift effect, but the new model is made only 2 times, 2 weeks apart, it has the same effect) Exilis Elite officially launched at Dermatologist Meeting in Miami in March 2013 (71st annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology on March 2-4, 2013, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida.) SERVICES FAT GRAFTING, Reshape your face with your own fat (FAT TRANSFER) Breast augmentation with own fat (FUE) Hair transplant permanent without stitches (LIPOSUCTION), and other services.

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