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Fractional DOT Co2 Laser

Ablative Co2 laser resurfacing treatment

It has been the standard treatment for scars and wrinkles since 1995, but due to the limitations of the treatment for example, you need to recover for 2-3 weeks, face redness 2-3 months after treatment, and may cause white spots or hyperpigmentation after treatment. Most importantly, it is not suitable for Asian skin which is more likely to have side effects than usual.

In recent years, there is a new technology called “Fractional laser resurfacing”, leading to treatments that can push the limits of rapid skin recovery, that is the recovery time is much shorter and almost no side effects. This new technology is to control the emission of laser energy into a small beam, slice out, the skins have both the entire laser and not laser. The non-lasered part of the skin is the starting point for new skin regeneration to replace the lasered part, resulting in a rapid recovery of the skin, at the same time, the part that is exposed to the laser beam cuts the membrane beneath the skin in the areas with scars or acne pits, and stimulates collagen regeneration. These processes help to soften scars and pimples and wrinkles of the skin gradually disappear.

New CO2 fractional ablative lasers uses a laser to produce heat and destroys the skin along the deep beams under 600 to 1000 microns with a fine surface area that is not exposed to the intermediate. This laser has an advantage over the Fraxel non-ablative laser treatment is that it can stimulate more collagen and also damage the membrane under the skin around the scar area as well, making the treatment result clearly visible in solving acne scars, wrinkles or pores, and also make the skin tight and tight, solve the problem of skin sagging better.

Fractional DOT Co2Laser, the latest technology for 2009, can treat the following skin problems.

  • Wrinkles of the skin.
  • Acne scars, acne scars
  • Aging and sagging skin the whole face
  • Various surgical wounds
  • Stretch marks of the skin.
  • Large pores, large sebaceous glands

Fractional DOT Co2 Laser is more modern than the conventional Fractional Co2 Laser because the energy has been developed, the strength of each laser beam, and the distance between the beams (dot).

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