Hifu Therapy V-shape face lift

HIFU Therapy is a cosmetic machine that uses the latest technology from France, has received CE Medical Clear certification from Europe. By using the innovative Fractionated Beam Technology, the energy of high-intensity ultrasound waves comes out 1000 times/second. It does not feel pain while lifting like other laser lifting bodies.

Who needs to do Ultra HIFU?

  • Those who have sagging skin, have wattle, wrinkles, but don’t want to thread or perform surgery
  • Those who have undergone other treatments, but the results of treatment are not clear.
  • People with ptosis
  • Those who want to adjust their skin condition add tightness to the skin and tighten pores

Results of Ultra HIFU Treatment

• Face lift and tighten sagging skin to be tighter.
• Solve the problem of droopy eyelids
• Pull and tighten the saggy lower eyelid.
• Adjust the face shape to make the face look slimmer.
• Reduce signs of aging

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