What is MiraDry?

MiraDry is the latest in treatment technology for people suffering from body odor and heavy sweating. Imported from the United States US & FDA approved for treatment to reduce perspiration, body odor and underarm hair. And the hidden spots of women That smells musty throughout the process by using electromagnetic waves or microwave waves to destroy sweat glands and smell glands. In most cases, more than 90% of the patients who perform the procedure will have satisfactory results. Since only the first time, 50-80% of the result is important to ensure cleanliness and safety because the MiraDry launcher will be replaced with a new one every time. And is also authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration as well.

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Miradry reduces body odor, eliminates underarm sweat glands. Do it just only once, you can see the result. price only 45,000 baht.

MiraDry is a 5.8 GHz. microwave energy adjusted to a therapeutic level, precisely released into the dermis and lipid regions. It helps to suspend the area that has smell glands, sweat glands, and hair follicles.

Before MiraDry, the sweat glands (eccrine) and smell glands (apocrine glands) are present.

10 days after the procedure, the sweat and odor glands were completely destroyed.

Six months after the procedure for MiraDry, sweat and odor glands have been removed.

Treatment process

The doctor will inject an anesthetic on the area where MiraDry will be treated.

1. Inject the area where MiraDry will be treated. If the male patient is, we will shave the armpit hair first.

2. Make measurements, plot sizes to do.

3. After treatment with MiraDry, you may feel a little warm after treatment, there may be a slight redness due to the suction force of the machine. But these marks will fade away in 3-7 days.

Who is MiraDry suitable for?

  • People who want to treat problems with heavy sweating Causing a strong body odor
  • People with roll-on allergies or other chemicals
  • People who have hyperhidrosis in the armpits Including those diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis
  • People who have previously treated with some type of deodorant injection. But want long-term results
  • Girls who have problems with their sisters. Or Jimi has a musty smell

What area can MiraDry do?
Areas with pores, sweat glands, and odor glands such as "underarms, hidden spots, reduce the musty smell problem of sister"

The advantages of laser treatment to reduce sweat and body odor

  • Helps solve the problem of heavy sweating around the underarm
  • Helps reduce the underarm odor problem the musty smell of the hidden spots
  • No surgery, no pain, is a technology that is stable and safe. Resulting in exact results
  • No need to recuperate Done and can go home

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