Laser used to remove tattoo with ND Yag technology, starting at only 999 baht per point, or the package price is just 3,999 baht.

Laser correct black armpits, black groin, dark lips, melasma, freckles, buttocks, only 999 baht per point

Tattoo Laser, Red and Black Birthmark Removal

ND-Yag Laser is a laser machine that is designed to work similar to Ruby Laser, emits two light frequencies, 1064 mm and 532 mm. ND-Yag Laser is used to remove general tattoo. Both blue, black, red, green, yellow, and brown, reduce pigmentation problems in the skin such as freckle, sun freckle, black birthmark and Ota, as well as Q Switch Ruby.

To choose the type of laser, it will depend on the color you use in the tattoo. Tattoo depth, including the duration of the tattoo how long it was. To remove the tattoo with the laser, it relies on the energy from the laser light into the pigment of the tattoo ink which are large molecules to disperse it, and relies on mechanisms of removal of foreign body to remove those tiny bits of pigment and fade the tattoo by performing the laser approximately 3-7 times, depending on the quantity of color, the type of color and the time used for each time, including with the size or area of the tattoo. If you tattoo in a small area, it may take 5-10 minutes each time. If the tattoo is a wide area, it will take a long time. Tattoo removal by laser is an easy and convenient solution by doing just a few times, the tattoo you do not desire will fade without scarring. If you decide to remove the tattoo, the doctor advised that you should not buy tattoo removing solution to remove the tattoo by yourself because it can be dangerous and scarring. You should consult a tattoo removal specialist directly to get results that are satisfactory, makes it possible to treat all skin types, recover quickly, clearly see results for the first 1-2 times of treatment, and provide excellent treatment results.

Facial care with ND YAG Laser

Another innovation in facial treatment such as ND YAG Laser, a laser That helps in solving problems with freckles, uneven skin tone That is a problem that can be found in both women and men. Including new laser technology that does not cause post-wound healing Which will make the facial skin look better noticeably after the treatment. In addition, it can also be used to treat other areas of the skin. That may be caused by surgical wounds Tattoo accident wounds, too.

Get to know the ND YAG Laser

ND YAG Laser is a technology (Nd: YAG neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) that produces two lasers.

  • The first type is a laser with a wavelength of 532 nm. It will destroy the pigment in the shallow layer, such as found in freckles.
  • The second type is a laser with a wavelength of 1,064 nm. It affects the pigment of the skin below, such as found in tattoos, but does not damage the upper skin.

But if both types of lasers are used together, they are powerful enough to make a change in the skin tone of the entire face, will make the skin smooth and white, finally, from the combination of new laser technology, this will bring consistent energy to the skin with no pain and no wound after treatment as well.

What does ND YAG Laser help with?

• Deep freckles, blemishes, moles
• Remember, black birthmark, acne marks
• Around tattoo of various colors, scars
• Surgical wound, accidental wound
• Help adjust the skin color to be white and smooth.

Facial Treatment with ND YAG Laser

ND YAG Laser technology is very safe for the face, no harsh on the skin, so there is no need to numb first. During treatment, the needle will feel lightly touching the skin and, after the treatment, the skin may feel a little warm and red, but will disappear on its own after that. Usually, in the treatment of dark spots that are not very deep, if the energy is properly determined, it is likely to disappear completely at the first time. But if it is to stimulate the skin to be white, it will need to be continued a treatment, and the skin will gradually improve the condition.

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