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Surgery to reduce fat bags under the eyes

Fat bags under the eyes caused by bulging of fat around the eyes which is usually blocked by strong eyelid muscles causing it to look smooth, but if lack of care, there is stress, including increasing age, will cause this part of the fat gradually convex until you notice more and more clearly. Therefore, there are many treatments to choose. This starts with laser treatment, but the best way to get rid of the fat bags under the eyes is surgery.

Bags under the eyes

It is a bag under the eyes that occurs by "heredity" caused by the malfunction of the endocrine system within the body, causing fluid to come together in the under-eye area too much Until causing bags under the eyes to bulge out which may occur from the deterioration of the skin the membranes that support the sebaceous sac sag with age.

Artificial eye bags

Swollen under-eye symptoms are caused by abnormal behavior, such as sleep deprivation, crying, rubbing your eyes, drinking alcohol regularly, excessive use of your eyesight, or allergy to various substances, etc.

Opening of the wound from the outside

1. Inner wound is a surgery that cannot see the wound from the outside, suitable for people with less fat, young age, do not have to remove excess skin. Cut off only the fat that is causing the problem.

2. Outer incision is a surgery where the incision is located on the outside edge of the eye. Makes it easy to remove fat and can cut off the excess skin, which method to choose depends on the nature of the problem of the individual. Therefore, you must consult with a specialist before doing.

Preparation before Under-eye bag surgery

1. Refrain from drugs that slow blood clotting. The week before the surgery, such as Aspirin or Warfarin Yabrufen, because they can bleed easily. Blood pressure medication or other medical conditions, If in doubt, please consult your doctor first.
2. Stop smoking and alcohol for two weeks before the surgery.
3. Invite close people to become friends on the working day and take care of sending after the surgery.

The duration of the process is 45-60 minutes.
The recovery period is 5-7 days depending on the individual.

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