Double Eyelid Surgery

    What are the techniques for double eyelid surgery? Let’s have a look.

    1. Double eyelid surgery using a knife or laser to incise the eyelid.

    It’s the most popular method suitable for people with single or non-double eyelids, blurred eyelids, drooping double eyelids, uneven eyelids, especially people who have eyelid problems, and have a lot of fat on the eyelids or thick eyelids is suitable to do this kind of method because the doctor can cut off the fat and the excess skin.

    How to do it, the doctor will incise the upper eyelids from the inner to the outer canthus. The incision is the position of the desired eyelid. The incision line is the new eyelid, which the length of the incision is depending on the surgical technique. If there is a lot of skin and fat, the doctor will remove it. After the incision is closed, a double eyelid is formed. For the material used to cover the wound, will be a special suture that is very fine so that the scar is invisible. If there are some scars, they will be hidden in the crease of the eyelids

    2. Make double eyelids by sewing 2-3 points on the eyelids.

    Suitable for people with eyelid problems like the first case, but the patient must not have a lot of fat on the eyelids and the eyelids do not drop a lot. The doctor will suture 2-3 points on the eyelid to create a double crease of the eyelid. The advantage of this method is that there is no incision on the wound, not much swelling, the wound heals quickly because it is a suture point on the eyelids only. The disadvantage is a chance that the stitched thread will come off, like rubbing the eyes too hard which may cause the thread to fall off or sometimes the stitching position is a dent at some point, making it look unnatural.

    3. Make double eyelids in conjunction with the opening of the inner and outer canthus.

    Some people who want double eyelid surgery, just incision eyelid may not be enough due to having problems with either closed inner or outer canthus. The nature of the closed inner canthus is that the skin extends from the upper eyelids down to cover the eye. It makes the eyes look narrow, and the appearance of the outer canthus is that there is a skin protrusion from the upper eyelid down to cover the outer canthus of the eye to get larger and wider double eyelids

    4. Eyelid surgery of the inner or outer canthus

    In the case of having double eyelids, but there is a problem with the inner or the outer canthus of the eyes, causing the eyes to appear narrow like a single eyelid. This can be corrected by surgery to open the inner or outer canthus of the eyes which will make the eyes look bigger and wider.

    5. Make double eyelids, Cat eyes, Almond eyes, Swan tail

    It is double eyelids and raising the outer canthus of the eyes, looks like swan’s tail. Any woman who wants to change her personality to be a strong woman or have a problem with the outer canthus of the eye, can consult your doctor. Swan tail double eyelid surgery, the doctor will make a double eyelid and lift the outer canthus of the eyes upward and sew it beautifully. In the event of a large eyelid fat or thick eyelids, the doctor will remove excess fat or eyelids.

    A Care after double eyelid surgery

    • 48 hours or 2 days after double eyelid surgery, we have to apply cold compress around the eyes and forehead. If you have a lot of time, you should apply a cold compress more often, as this will help stop bleeding and reduce swelling. If you do this more often, the swelling will subside more quickly. You can use a plastic bag to put ice and use a clean cloth covering to compress it, or who can buy a gel bag and put it in the refrigerator and then compress it as well.
    • After 1 day of double eyelid surgery, the clinic or hospital will give you ointments. We should apply the wax on the eyelids of the surgery so that the wax will help coat the incision.
    • Patients must take prescription medication, especially anti-inflammatory and anti-edema prescribed by a clinic or hospital, and for those with pain, they can also take a pain reliever to help reduce their pain.
    • Face washing, can wash your face like normal, but you have to wait for 3 days after surgery for double eyelid surgery, and we recommend using warm water to wash your face as it will help our face to clean more easily.
    • For cleaning the wound around the eyelids, it can be done as well by using a cotton ball in warm boiled clean water and gently wipe the wound on the eyelid to clean, then apply the wax or cream that the clinic or hospital provided. After 1 week of double eyelid surgery, the doctor will make an appointment with the patient again to follow up on the results of the treatment and cut the sutures.
    • For those with nearsightedness or farsightedness, contact lens must be worn regularly, after the first 7 days of double eyelid surgery, we recommend to wear glasses instead of the contact lens until the wound heals the swelling to affect the eyelid area, which may cause the wound that the doctor sew can be split off.
    • After double eyelid surgery, swelling may occur, especially during the first 3 days, and the swelling will gradually improve and heal. After 3 days, we can live a normal life to work. The results of double eyelid surgery will be clearly visible about 1 month after the surgery, the wound will begin to fit and the eyelids will begin to heal and swell to get a beautiful shape.

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