Hifu Therapy V-shape face lift

    Hifu Therapy V-shape face lift

    HIFU Therapy is a cosmetic machine that uses the latest technology from France, has received CE Medical Clear certification from Europe. By using the innovative Fractionated Beam Technology, the energy of high-intensity ultrasound waves comes out 1000 times/second. It does not feel pain while lifting like other laser lifting bodies.

    Who needs to do Ultra HIFU?

    • Those who have sagging skin, have wattle, wrinkles, but don’t want to thread or perform surgery
    • Those who have undergone other treatments, but the results of treatment are not clear.
    • People with ptosis
    • Those who want to adjust their skin condition add tightness to the skin and tighten pores

    Results of Ultra HIFU Treatment

    • Face lift and tighten sagging skin to be tighter.• Solve the problem of droopy eyelids• Pull and tighten the saggy lower eyelid.• Adjust the face shape to make the face look slimmer.• Reduce signs of aging

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