Korean calf reduction surgery

    Korean calf reduction surgery with Korean techniques

    By using radio frequency (RF: Radio frequency) to stimulate to find the path of the calf muscles. Once found, it adapts the pendant mode to reduce calf muscles. And chasing nearby nerve branches.

    After the pendant to reduce the calf muscles There will be pain symptoms after the procedure. Sit back for 5-10 minutes, then you can walk normally. The result after Chi to reduce the calves is a muscle that is a large calf will disappear, making the legs slender.

    This method does not cause scarring and returns to normal daily life.

    People who are suitable for hijacking the calf muscles

    • Bulging calves• Those who have large and hard calves• People who exercise without reducing calves

    Working time

    It takes time to hijack the calf muscles 30-60 minutes.

    Length of recovery

    No need to rest the floor Can go home straight away


    Take care of normal, can walk normally



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