Nose Surgery


    Rhinoplasty is a decoration to change the shape of the nose match the face. It is a very popular surgery for women in this era.

    Nose surgery can be performed either to increase or decrease the size, change the shape, change the shape of the tip of the nose, make the nostrils smaller, and correct the disability of the nose due to congenital defects or from an accident If you intend to want a nose augmentation This article may help you decide. But it may not be able to resolve your concerns, the details you need must be discussed with the doctor you are going to have surgery.

    Who is suitable for rhinoplasty?

    Nose augmentation or surgery will make you look better. But cannot change his personality Therefore, before performing surgery, you must discuss with your doctor what you can expect from the surgery. And how many possibilities are there

    • Those who are suitable for surgery
    • The man with a flared nose
    • The one with a crooked nose
    • People with a flat nose
    • People with a hump: The area around the nose has a raised bone. Up like a camel’s back
    • People with deformed nose

    How to prepare yourself for the Rhinoplasty?

    For those who would like to have a prominent and slender nose enhancement, they must first understand the steps to do so in order to decide whether you want to do a nose job or not because nose surgery is not that anyone can do it. The key factor is our original face shape and nose space which is in relation to the shape of the nose that is made out to be beautiful and does not cause any side effects that may follow.

    Inform your doctor before getting rhinoplasty, what diseases you have, including any drug allergy to prevent potential harm.

    Before getting rhinoplasty, medicines or foods that will affect the surgery should be discontinued, such as those that affect blood clotting, cigarettes, and alcohol.

    While performing surgery, the doctor will clean the nose and inject an anesthetic, and then perform an incision to remove tissue around the nose for silicone or prepared material. When the silicone is in place, then stitched off the wound.

    After rhinoplasty Should follow the doctor’s order strictly. So as not to affect the wound or cause the wound to inflammation.

    For example, wash your face twice a day and clean your nose inside and outside with gentle products to prevent dirt from entering the wound. Take care not to injure your nose, for example, don’t squeeze or crush your nose. Don’t blow your nose, playing sports or activities that risk a concussion, including strenuous exercise. In bedtime, you should lie on your back and keep your head higher than normal for about 1 week

    After rhinoplasty, if complications such as tilt or distortion, the wound is infected or silicone through the nose tip need to consult a doctor immediately for correction.

    Rhinoplasty is another very popular form of cosmetic surgery. However, before thinking about doing that, you need to consider both your face and nose because rhinoplasty is the introduction of foreign bodies into the body so that it has potentially dangerous side effects. Therefore, it is best to select an establishment that is reliable, standard, and has a professional doctor so that you will be beautiful with confidence.

    Surgical Limitations

    • Surgery is for cosmetic purposes or to correct a disability that cannot be 100% corrected, depending on many factors. You will need to consult your doctor about these limitations.
    • You cannot choose a shape or the size of the nose from the book because the facial features or facial components are not the same. Each type of nose is suitable for each face.
    • Nose surgery corrects imbalances, not carving.
    • Nose surgery cannot remove too much tissue because the nose will not keep its shape.
    • The skin around the nose cannot be cut much, which is ideal for pulling.
    • Skin appearance, age, and abnormalities of the nose that will be the limitation of surgery of how many complications are in the surgery.

    For women who love beauty, when deciding to do rhinoplasty. You must be aware of any complications that may arise. Even in the hands of an expert Complications that may be found are

    • Have an infection
    • Nosebleeds But not often
    • Allergic to anesthetic
    • There may be scars.
    • May be deformed. Since the cartilage fascia may develop, causing the nose to deform.
    • About 1 in 10 people have to have surgery again to correct it.
    • Keep in mind that corrective surgery or cosmetic surgery cannot be guaranteed. 100% that will come out perfect
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