Silicone Breast Augmentation

    Silicone Breast Augmentation

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    Silicone Breast Augmentation

    Spherical Silicone

    Although the silicone water drop shape is strong, but spherical silicone remains the standard and best choice for people who want breast augmentation in general, people who want large breasts, or people who want to enhance the breast meat at the top to look plump up to show the chest. Spherical silicone comes in a variety of sizes, it has both a high and low figure. In addition, it must be selected to suit the nature of the breast.

    Teardrop Shape Silicone

    It is a shape designed to mimic a drop-like natural breast, that is the lower part is larger than the top. The breast after the augmentation looks natural and with the asymmetrical shape of silicone to prevent distortion. This is probably the reason the teardrop-shaped silicone is coming up.

    In which way did the doctor insert the silicone?

    In general, the surgeon will insert a silicone bag into the breast through one of the following channels:

    • Under the armpit is the most popular surgery position because it can hide the surgical wound well. Even after the procedure it hurts more than opening the wound at another location, but the wound will heal faster and can begin to massage the chest faster. The chance of having problems with the webbing to tighten the silicone bag is less.
    • The nipple area is suitable for people with sagging breasts by enhancing the breasts along with lifting the breasts. After adding, there will be a scar on the nipple and may have temporary numbness problems.
    • Under the breast line, there is a surgical incision approximately 3-4 cm long under the breast, which has to wait for the wound to heal before it can begin to massage the chest.

    • When coming to see a doctor, ask your doctor to understand about breast augmentation such as the silicone used, surgical techniques, post-care, complications, etc. to understand and be confident to undergo surgery, as well as inform the doctor how much bigger breasts are needed or the size of the desired silicone.
    • Inform the doctor about your health history, such as medical conditions, medications that you take regularly. All medications taken should be consulted with a doctor before surgery.
    • People undergoing surgery will have a general health check and blood tests before surgery.
    • Abstain from taking anticoagulant drugs, such as aspirin for about 2 weeks and refrain from taking vitamin supplements that can affect swelling and bruising, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, fish liver oil about 1 week before surgery.
    • Stop smoking both before and after surgery for about 2 weeks, as the nicotine in cigarettes may reduce wound healing efficiency, and abstain from drinking alcohol for at least 1 week.
    • Due to the breast augmentation surgery, the doctor will have to cut a wide area of the silicone bag and to reduce stress and anxiety during surgery. Therefore, it must be done by general anesthesia. Before surgery, food and water must be stopped for at least 6 hours to avoid aspiration of gastric residue during general anesthesia.

    Breast Augmentation Procedure

    The doctor will open a surgical incision, usually in the armpit. Because it can hide the scars well, then the doctor will cut a hole for the silicone bag. It can be under the breast or under the pectoral muscle. It is up to the doctor’s discretion.
    When the silicone bag is placed in place, the incision will be closed with a small sutures thread. Generally, breast augmentation surgery takes about 2-3 hours after the surgery requires a hospital stay.1 – 2 days. The recovery period is approximately 1 week. During the first 2 -3 days after the procedure, stiffness and pain may be felt. It is considered as normal condition. The breasts will gradually collapse and swell down until they enter place. It takes about 1-2 months.

    Practices after breast augmentation surgery

    • During the first 7 days after surgery should be careful not to let the surgical wound come into contact with water.
    • Do not lift heavy objects over your head and abstain from strenuous activities or strenuous exercise for about 1 month.
    • During the initial recovery period, avoid underwire bras because the pressure from the frame can cause marks on the chest along the frame.
    • Most surgical wounds take about a week to come and cut them. The scar will fade away and take about 3-6 months.
    • If your doctor recommends breast massage, you should do it regularly. To prevent the occurrence of fibrosis until the breasts become stiff and not natural.
    • If there are any abnormal symptoms, you should return to the doctor without waiting until the appointment date.
    • People who have breast augmentation surgery should regularly examine the breast manually to see whether the breast is still in good condition. If you have any questions or problems, consult your doctor.

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