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ALMI Nano Fat Transfer


Stop hair loss and thin hair with ALMI Nano Fat Transfer, stimulate hair roots by fat cells themselves.
“No need to grow hair No need to move roots, starting at 25,000 baht “

Installment via credit card

KTC installment 0% for 6 months
Kbank pay 0% installments for 10 months

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Stop hair loss and thin hair with ALMI Nano Fat Transfer

ALMI Nano Fat Transfer is the use of our own fat by extracting fat from the thigh or hip area to extract smaller fat molecules, select only healthy fat cells and high quality. By 4-step extraction to get the smallest molecules, they are then taken back to the affected areas of hair loss, which are injected with these strong fat cells to stimulate hair follicles, including repairing cells to produce more hair, making the hair thick and natural, and it is a technique that is safe, will not hurt, no wound, no need to worry about allergies because it is its own fat and enhances the efficiency of the new hair’s strength to be maintained for a long time and it is perfect.

ALMI Nano Fat Transfer Technique Procedure

1. The doctor evaluates the patient’s head to analyze the hair transplant technique to suit each individual.

2. Perform liposuction around thighs, hips, or abdomen.

3. The obtained fat is extracted in 4 steps fat cells with the ALMI Nano Fat Transfer technique.
From fat molecules 2.4 >> 1.4 >> 1.2 and a small filter head, in order to obtain the smallest layer of fat molecules.

4. The difference between ALMI Nano Fat Transfer and unrefined fat cells, you will see the softness of different fat colors clearly.

5. Return the extracted fat cells to the desired area to help stimulate hair root cells, repair cells to produce a larger number of hair, making the hair look thick and natural.

Who is this method suitable for?

– People who have hair loss problem, thinning hair
– People who have problems with weak hair roots
– The person with oily head and fine hair

Distinctive Point

– Do not need to cover the wound or any recuperation, able to lead a normal life
– it takes only 1-2 hours to complete.

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